If you haven't picked the server, do it here http://risinghub.net/games If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


Do you like new cool inverted helicopter controls?

Random tip

Lost Hero Points

To fix HP bug when your hero didnt get his point just make ingame Ability Refund - it helps!



Changelog :

- New main menu background
- New weapons available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:
             - Suppressed Side Feeder (for royals)
             - DeLisle Silent Destroyer (for royals)
- New hats available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi :
             - TF2 Comforter (for royals)
             - TF2 Medic MTG (for royals)
             - TF2 Jungle Ops (for royals)
             - TF2 Pilotka (for royals)
             - TF2 Horace (for royals)
             - TF2 Cat (for royals)
             - TF2 Spy (for royals)
             - TF2 Duck (for royals)
             - TF2 Bare Necessities (for nationals)
             - TF2 Berliner's Bucket (for nationals)
             - TF2 Crosscom (for nationals)
             - TF2 Fortunate Son (for nationals)
             - TF2 Shark (for nationals)
             - TF2 Bee (for nationals)
- Added some tshirts made by the community :
             - Iron man set (nationals) made by @basalt
             - Black Open Trench Coat (royals) made by @Aethio
- New items and weapons made by @Huugiguugi :
             - Wooden AK-74 skin (nationals)
             - Desert Scoped M16 skin (royals)
             - SWAT Helmet (royals)
             - SWAT Vest (royals)
             - SWAT Pants (royals)
             - Pride Heart Shirt (royals)
             - Camo Sunhat (nationals)
             - Datboi Shirt (nationals)
             - Friends Shirt (nationals)
             - Pepe Pocket Shirt (nationals)
             - Pink Underpants (nationals)
             - SWAT Vest (nationals)
             - SWAT Pants (nationals)

Maps :

- All collision physics have been reworked on all avatar star maps
- Fixed spawnpoints in enemy base in JJ and KK maps
- Fixed some flying objects in JJ and KK maps


Weapons :

- Edited magazine size description of all new rifles in the store
- Fixed kar98 rifle damage
- Edited Spagin's Submachinegun stats : reduced SR max dmg 15 --> 14
- Edited all new rifles damage : SR max from 16 to 15, MR max from 19 to 17, LR min from 8 to 19 and crit chance from 8% to 9%
- All new rifles should now count for pistols missions and pistol category in the store
- Pirate pistol changes : Bullet deviation 0.4 to 0.3, crit damage 17 --> 15, velocity 450 --> 480, reduced -1 dmg max and min for all ranges
- Warfighter changes : RPM from 450 to 600, deviation from 0.2 to 0.3 and magazine size 30 to 32
- Flamethrower changes : SR max dmg 7 --> 9, MR max dmg 5 --> 6 and new range limits
- Edited snow guns to default EA stats from 1.186 patch
- Fixed anti tank rifles for royals which had less crit damage than nationals : 10 --> 15
- Fixed all stolen, pilfered and reskins of LR shotguns to have same stats




- New guns available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:

  • Sturmgewehr (for nationals)
  • Type 99 (for nationals)
  • Kar 98K (for nationals)
  • Grease Gun (for royals)
  • M1 Garand (for royals)
  • Spagin's Submachinegun (for royals)
  • Degtaryev's Dinner Plate (for royals)
  • SVT-40 (for royals)
  • Nagant's Nimble (for royals)
  • Tokarev's tactical sidearm (for royals)


- New hats available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:

  • Japanese Elite Hat (for nationals)
  • Japanese Gi Hat (for nationals)
  • Japanese Cap Hat (for nationals)
  • Radio Headset (for nationals)
  • Soviet Cap Hat (for royals)
  • Soviet Helmet (for royals)
  • Soviet Marine Hat (for royals)
  • Soviet Tanker Hat (for royals)


- Added some tshirts made by the community:

  • Charles jacket (for royals) made by @Aethio
  • Lightning T-Shirt (for royals) made by @Aethio
  • Royal / National Lole tshirt made by @Aethio
  • Royal / National Fairfighters tshirt made by @QueensRoar 


- Fixed some clothes glitches
- New intro made by @Emotionless
- New main menu theme
- Tweaked description in bfheroes.exe
- FPS limit has been disabled by default


- VP rewards are now supported in games of up to 1000 tickets maximum on all maps
- Edited Fortress Frenzy TDM spawnpoints
- Added some objects under the bridge on PP HOTH maps and reduced the capture radius of the rocket
- All avatar star maps have a new terrain. We have added a terrain which won't deal a lot of damage to your hero.
- All avatar star maps spawnpoints have been reworked and punish areas have been added.
- Fixed a bug where you could kill other players with a blast / rocket jump on a blue house in JJ map.





- Fixed Backscratcher and Wolfgang weapons skins
- Added stolen and pilfered versions for Dark Force skins
- Added Trench Runner's Speedy Boots for nationals and Inventor's Rocket Jump for royals
- Added Light Force Super Cheeser and Light Force Red Band Cheeser for royals. Stolen versions are also available for nationals
- Fixed a store bug where you didnt see icons when buying an item or weapon
- All required items for widgets are back in the store


- Removed roadblocks on FF HOTH maps
- Spawn have been edited and objects added inside bases on LL HOTH map
- Longer respawn time for all tanks in SS and SS2 HOTH maps
- Added a rocket and moved all spawns on AA HOTH map


The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title - Battlefield Heroes. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!