If you haven't picked the server, do it here https://risinghub.net/games If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


Do you like new cool inverted helicopter controls?

Random tip

Lost Hero Points

To fix HP bug when your hero didnt get his point just make ingame Ability Refund - it helps!

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Update password security policy

Cyber security is everyone's business and recently some users have had their accounts taken by unauthorized users. The main reason for this was weak passwords. We have updated our security policy regarding passwords and would like to push everyone to have a second "change-your-password-day" (Feb 1st) this year. It can't be that users lose their account because others just guessing passwords.

password security policy (complexity requirements)
- minimum of ten characters in **length**
- uppercase characters (A - Z)
- lowercase characters (a - z)
- Base 10 digits (0 - 9)
- Non-alphanumeric (e.g. !, $, #, %)

We also want to remind that account security is your concern with any online service you use. It is mandatory to use a secure password to protect yourself and your data.

You can update your password at:
at Discord by typing "/resetpass" on the #bot channel



- Replaced main menu background, music and intro
- Several updates on client background
- Adjusted Golden Super Sticky TNT stats for further tests
-> criticalHitChance 0.4 (before 0.02)
  criticalHitDamage 16 (before 7)
  velocity 18 (before 16)

- Default TNT skin  
- Steam diving helmet glitch 
- Maps: 
-> City Clash: fixed issues from beta version
-> Jolly Juggernauts: fixed spawnpoints issues
-> Fortress Frenzy: fixed starting problems

Added Maps:
- Rail Rampage (released out of beta)
- New Map made by DevilJelly: Downtown Disagreement (HOTH and TDM versions)



- Added main menu background, music and items for Christmas
- Fixed not working BB-abillity on Stolen suppressed sidefeeder

Added weapons:
- Stolen Spaghin's Suchmachinegun  (added in store)
- Stolen Golden Super Typewriter  (added for later release)
- Stolen Golden Super Popper   (added for later release)
- Stolen Golden Super Cheeser   (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Rescue   (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Sharpshooter  (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Backscratcher  (added for later release)
- Stolen Albert's Accelerator   (added in store)
- Pilfered Moritz's Magnetic Hurler  (added in store)
- Habok's S12 League Reward   (not for store available)
- Golden Super Sticky TNT    (added for tests and later release)  
-> changed stats: 
  criticalHitChance 0.02 (before 0)
  criticalHitDamage 7 (before 0)    
  reloadTime 6 (before 5)              
  velocity 16 (before 15)

The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title - Battlefield Heroes. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!