Update is already here!

Update -- September Quicky patch update


- New client background
- Added Ghost Trooper's set
- Added miscellanous war-themed non-bundle clothing items

Nerfs & Buffs

- Increased firerate from Terry's Trench Sweeper and Dingpot's Dismantler by 100 and increased the prime range damage

Bug fixes

- Demons completely fixed!  Original colors/texture restored for all 6 skins with functioning accessories and individual wings. 

- Fixed the non-stolen repeater rifles' scopes not working
- Fixed the Pink Cap's texture

War Room is ... disabled once again!

Sorry Heroes. 
We'll try better next time!

Update - Black Market 2 patch released!


- Added new Stolen/Pilfered versions of the following weapons;
- Veterans 2012 SMG's/MG's
- Robots 2012 SMG's
- Cowboys 2012 Sixshooters
- Space 2012 Laser SMG's/MG's
- Robots 2013 LR SMG's
- Default handgrenades
- Battlerifles
- TEC-9/Micro SMG
- Default RPG's
- Stylish/Dapper RPG's
- Super/Uber RPG's
- Punk2 RPG's
- MGL's
- Civil War Repeater rifles
- Holidays 2011 Rapid-fire MG's
- Crossbow SMG's
- Autocrossbow MG's
- Panzercutters
- Anti-Tank Rifles
- Katana/Nodachi
- Knight Swords
- WW2 Shovel
- Punk2 Snipers

- Added new weapons: **Dingpot's Dismantler** for royals & **Terry's Trench Sweeper** for nationals

- Added 3 new sets:
- Fredrick's Freikorps Set
- Heinrich's Heroic Set **(Community submitted)**
- Heiko's Hypebeast Set **(Community submitted)**

- Added **33 new** non-bundle clothing items

- Dragon RPG's return but with a great nerf -- Damage and blast force are halved and the explosion effect has been made smaller so its less annoying
- Increased projectile velocity from 400 to 800 on the repeater rifles (including new stolen versions)
- Fixed the national red demon skin (hooves and wings still show as white and will be fixed soon aswell)
- Fixed the missing Stolen Golden M95
- Improved some textures on some recently added items

The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!


If you haven't picked the server, do it here http://risinghub.net/games If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


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