50.000 members in Discord!

Rising Hub discord has reached an outstanding 50K members!  

At this milestone, we have over 112K accounts and over 199K heroes created.
Awesome work heroes and thank you to everyone who has supported our community!


Update -- The Creepy Update

Bixxy's note: This update isn't much of an add-on update for the Halloween update released earlier this month, but rather a patch with tons of improvements, bug fixes and of course lots of new clothing. So practical it had to happen at the end of this month! Enjoy the new perks this update holds, heroes. 


- Minimized the mesh rules.
What this means:
More clothing combinations possible! Example; wear Ace's Scarf with Honor Protector's Helmet.

You are now also able to wear more facial items while wearing Sydney's Skyrocket helmet while the oxygen mask gets replaced

- Royal Multicolored bandanas can be worn by Nationals too now
- Added Werner's Wolf's Blood
- Added Heinrich's Howitzer set (Submitted by Heinrich Steiner#5724)
- Added  Diedrick's Division Trousers, Diedrick's Division Goggle Visor, Diedrick's Division Visor, and Diedrick's Division Envelope Cap (Submitted by itsTimPie#1855)
- Added other miscellanous items including cool Sprksi swag! 

- All worldcup facepaints are now layered the same; underneath beard/moustache and head hair


- Flynt's Crime Fighting Mask is now a facial item
- Correctly layered the Halloween Mask Contest 2018 masks with hair/facial hair
- Fortunate Son's face-camo no longer covers hair
- Stolen David's D-Day Rifle now has a working in-game mesh
- Neckties work properly again when wearing a jacket over them
- Improved textures on the Ghost Trooper eyes and mask
- Improved textures on Fortunate Son's Cover-up
- Changed the animation on Pilfered Satoru's Cold Steel
- Fixed the bug where sniper projectile trails appeared while firing the Cryptic Hex/Underworld Relic
- Corrected the Demon of Greed's curled-up horns (from deepblue to green)
- Corrected the glow texture on the Demon of Envy's curled-up horns (from orange to yellow)

Nerf's and Buff's

- Increased the rate of fire on the katanas from 100 to 140
- Slightly nerfed the western revolvers (while equalizing the stolens vs the original)

Upd The Halloween 2018.

Update -- The Halloween 2018 Update

Changelog Note:

- New client opening
- Halloween theme playing during the menu/loading screens
- New client background
- Added new Halloween map Estuary Encampment (Submitted by CavePanda)
- Added new Halloween weapons Screamin Skeleton's Battle Scythe & Mutant's Bizarre Battle Club
- Added new weapon David's D-Day Rifle & Stolen David's D-Day Rifle
- Halloween mask contest winners added
- Added Various new items
- Added stolen versions of the following weapons:
- Jack-o'-Lantern & Doom Skull
- Demonic Charge & Impure Energy
- Madman's Machete & Maimer's Machete (Incl. golden variants)
- Arcus Root & Bending Bone Canceled due to flawed animation

Nerf's & Buff's

- Slightly increased damage and explosion radius on the Drake's Fire and Dragon's Fire
- Increased the firerate from 100 to 140 on the knightswords (incl. stolen)
- Increased the firerate from 45 to 60 on the Halloween bows (incl. stolen)


- Frenzy Fire can now be used with Terry's Trench Sweeper & Dingpot's Dismantler

Happy Halloween, heroes!


The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!


If you haven't picked the server, do it here http://risinghub.net/games If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


What's worst on RisingHUB?

Random tip

Pick server before battle!

To have a good ping select game servers closer to your location!