The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!

Christmas Update

Merry Christmas Heroes!
Another week full of work for our Team, we hope you enjoy our new update!
May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, love and BFH


Introducing Weihnacht Warzone, an infantry map to test the waters of producing ENTIRELY NEW Battlefield Heroes maps.

It's small and has no vehicles and hasn't been tested for balance yet, but @bixrus did his best designing it to prevent spawncamping and regardless it's a huge step forward for us.
We hope you enjoy the flurry frenzy and if not, be sure to voice your opinion in the #suggestions channel.

Enjoy the new 300% XP Boost event until January 1st, 2018!


- Added Lunar Landing TDM game mode with flags! Conquer the Crash Land, Rock Path or the Communication Zone.
- Added Lunar Landing HotH game mode. Two rockets, capture The Pit and Communication Zone rockets!

- New HotH for Heroic Highlands, featuring two new rockets, one in the Middle Island and another in The Bridge. Also some new vehicle spawning, making it more diverse and fun than ever!


- Balancement changes for Heroic Highlands TDM (again) and HotH, added 1 tank to each team base, and 1 jeep to South and North Point. (As suggested by @megaLOL)
- Balancement changes for Seaside Skirmish, increased tank respawn time to 60 seconds in Lighthouse and Village. (As suggested by @bixrus)
- Balancement changes to Bows, projectile velocity increased from 170 to 200.

- Added Demonic Charge and Impure Energy shotguns to Royal and National Gunners.
- Added Nikolaus' Surprise widget to Nationals.
- Added Bruce's Brutal Blade widget to Royals.
- Added Punch widget to both teams.
- Added a statement when starting the game indicating the following: 
We are not affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc, EAsy Studios or DICE Studios. All rights belong to their owners.

- Fixed Cryptic Hex.
- Fixed Inland Invasion and Inland Invasion Night team bases, now HQ is uncapable.
- Fixed sensitivity for repeaters, railguns and bonebows.
- Fixed unscoped movement of Elektro Slinger.
- Fixed Heroic Moments for HotH.
- Fixed small bugs related to Coastal Clash Winter, Coastal Clash Doomsday and Alpine Assault Doomsday.
- Fixed Epic Medals for Royals.

- Removed broken widgets.
- Removed Royal and National Anti-Air RPG due to a game breaking bug.
- Removed Royal and National Gunners swarm weapons due to not being fixable.

The RisingHub Team.

Game client

- Added two new HotH maps, Riverside Rush and Heroic Highlands HotH.
- Added all weapons again. (We will make a poll for certain weapons later)
- Added unreleased emote for Royals and Nationals.
- Added snow roofs to Perilous Port Winter.

- Fixed some small issues for HotH on Buccaneer Bay, Coastal Clash, Midnight Mayhem and Victory Village.
- Fixed repeater rifles, railgun rifles and bows for commando and soldier.
- Fixed the damage of swords, machetes and shovel.
- Fixed crosshair of Royal and National Warfighter.
- Fixed object lighting and shadows on Heroic Highlands.
- Fixed Victory Village Winter church roof shadow glitch.
- Fixed Buccaneer Bay loading name.
- Fixed Battlefunds icon in the client. (We're not going to add BF)
- Fixed game client frame.

- Modified menu navigation banner.
- Modified Royal Epic Decoration medals to not appear halfway in the soldier's armpit.

- Balancement changes to Heroic Highlands, replaced tanks with helicopters.
- Balancement changes to Buccaneer Bay, now has a helicopter on Royal and National base.

- Updated some strings when matchmaking, now the client will tell you what to do when you fail matchmaking.
- Updated some strings for game disconnections.
- Updated server banner.
- Updated billboard.
- Updated client AD.

- Removed Drake Fire from Nationals and Royals.
- Removed all level restrictions from clothes.
- Removed dark skin overlay from balaclavas, now shows normal skin tone.
- Removed broken emotes.
- Removed FPS lock.

HUB website updates!

Hello, Heroes!

At this moment we are working to make our website more useful by adding new features and useful solutions to provide better gameplay for you:
- now we have voting. please vote to make game better and more balanced;
- FAQ and Tips sections in progress! Read solutions how not to stuck in server searching;

Also we have few known ingame issues and working to fix it:
- not all HOTH maps have fixed timer;
- Drake's fire texture is not showing in a game.

If you found more ingame bugs or want to change something, post your comment in discord #suggestions channel.


Long maintenance!

Prepare to huge update, Heroes!

Ability refund already working, check your hero profiles!
And now +30 Ability Points rage are coming to end.

All abilities for everyone will return to its default numbers. But it takes time!

Due this, tomorrow December 5 master server and new registrations will be temporary disabled for a maintenance period.
It may take up to 10 hrs.

We will do our best to make it fast and clear!
Stay in touch, Heroes. Check out discord for current sitrep and quick updates.

* - New registrations are still available. You may register and link new user accounts and create heroes due maintenance.

New website!

Great news - new web is almost finished and is avaible for everyone. This site will soon have redirect to new one.

New features:

- new design
- site security improvements
- email is no more needed for registration (auth use login same as launcher now)
- leaderboard with elo, score, prestige and etc sorting
- discord linking (one day unlinked accounts will be restricted from matchmaking)
- discord bot (currently the only one way to reset pass if you forgot it)
- detailed hero stats (you can open it from leaderboad or your hero list)

More features like ability refund will be released as soon as we will finish backend testing. So stand by for next updates, soldiers!

Nickname changes.

In this update:

- dots, question marks, slashes are not avaible in nicknames anymore
- all heroes with question marks in names were renamed "?"->"RN"
- heroes with names "." and ".." were renamed to "dot" and "dotdot"

This little update is made to get rid of bugs in user profiles and new leaderboard. If your account was renamed and you want to change hero name to something else - write to @DarkVenom.

New version of site will be released soon.

Client released. More updates tonight!

In this update:

- minor design touches;
- commando RMB inivisible bug fixed;

CU on Battlefield!

DarkLauncher released.

In this update:
- bugged rpg removed,
- better user menu.

We expecting ~1hour of maintenance to update servers.
Come back soon, Heroes!


Server picker added.

Now you may choose what server you want to join, Heroes.
Check out "Servers" section and use it!

Tnx to DarkVenom and MHx489.
Good job, guys!

Rodina ne zabudet!!!

Rebel alliance SITREP.

You may play. period.

Server Maintenance

Some downtime for updates!
We'll be back soon, Heroes!

Not vodka but kumis!

Rising Hub expanding to the East.
Added new server in Astana (Kazakhstan) for players from Asia and central Russia!

Prepare for even more updates, Heroes!

List of Servers!

Check out site menu! ;)
Now you can monitor list of game servers currently runing.

Region selection isnt working yet but we will figure it out soon!
And of course this option will be applied to all regional servers.

Stay in touch for more great updates, Heroes!

Launcher released! Game servers are up!

The new launcher already updating! It demands some server downtime!
Thank for your patience, Heroes!

We'll be back online very soon!

Update your launcher and join a battle, Heroes!
Login/Register to download


New Launcher released. Old one is DISABLED!

Good news, Heroes! 
New launcher has released. 

New features:
- secure login (previous launcher was vulnerable).
- auto updater (its awesome. now we can upgrade game whatever we want)
- Windows XP support (with some bug for now but it works).


Developer of this launcher is DarkVenom.
Don't forget DM thanks to him! 

Have fun. CU on battlefield!
Sincerely yours, DraksTOP



Restored Database.

Due maintenance, user db was restored and about 300 new user accounts added in last 24 hrs was removed also as newly created heroes. If you new here and can't login you may just re-register you account and continue to play. Sorry, guys. Peace! :)

How to download and play.

How to play Rising Hub:

0. First, join us on Discord

1. Create an account on:
(If you already have an account on Rising Hub or, you can just login)

2. Create Heroes (maximum of 6):

Some more information on the options:
There are 2 factions:

    Royal/National Army is to choose which side you’re on. Royal Army are “the good guys” with      nicely designed weapons (M16, Tommygun, etc.).
    National Army are “the bad guys” with kind of homemade style weapons (AK47, etc.).

You can choose between 3 classes:

    Commando: A stealthy hero with lower range health (sniper)
    Soldier: A teamplaying hero, can give health to other players, midrange health and uses assault rifles, SMG’s
    Gunner: Pretty much a tank, high range health, uses LMG’s.

●●●Link your Discord:●●●

3. Download the game launcher:

4. Create a folder for BFH on your desktop and place "DarkLauncher.exe" in that folder

5. Run the launcher and select the folder you placed "DarkLauncher.exe" in

6. Login with your username and password
(Leave "server id" as it is)

7. Select a server on:
(If you don't select a server, you may get stuck in an infinite loop of matchmaking)

8. Press "Play Now" in-game!

Welcome to BFH game server!

Register now, download game and play Battlefield Heroes online for free! Create up to 6 heroes!


If you haven't picked the server, do it here If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


If we change leveling system what would you like to see most:


You can watch servers statuses For more info navigate here
Also contain backend/bot/web statuses

Random tip

HUB Helpers

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