If you haven't picked the server, do it here http://risinghub.net/games If you've done it, then check it for empty slot of the faction for your hero by clicking on the server name. If it has empty slot of a right faction and you are still unable to connect for a long time, then try: unpick server, close the game, logout, re-login, re-open the game and re-pick this server.


Do you like new cool inverted helicopter controls?

Random tip

Lost Hero Points

To fix HP bug when your hero didnt get his point just make ingame Ability Refund - it helps!




- Fixed Backscratcher and Wolfgang weapons skins
- Added stolen and pilfered versions for Dark Force skins
- Added Trench Runner's Speedy Boots for nationals and Inventor's Rocket Jump for royals
- Added Light Force Super Cheeser and Light Force Red Band Cheeser for royals. Stolen versions are also available for nationals
- Fixed a store bug where you didnt see icons when buying an item or weapon
- All required items for widgets are back in the store


- Removed roadblocks on FF HOTH maps
- Spawn have been edited and objects added inside bases on LL HOTH map
- Longer respawn time for all tanks in SS and SS2 HOTH maps
- Added a rocket and moved all spawns on AA HOTH map



Happy Winter for everyone !

Update Changelog:

- Added Slavic T-Shirt made by Avonavilona
- New weapons skins made by Avonavilona:
The Dark Force Super Cheeser
The Dark Force Uber Backscratcher
The Dark Force Wolfgangs Uber Wonderful
The Dark Force Stylish Panzerfist
The Dark Force M249
The Dark Force Super Slugger
The Dark Force Bill's Buckshot
One Touch Headshot Maker
- Fixed items : Finnish and Lithuanian War Paints


- Changes made in the patch should now be applied on maps : WW, CCW and RRW
- Fixed the punish area on Perilous Port HOTH gamemodes
- Fixed Seaside Skirmish Night HOTH gamemode bug
- Edited spawns on Alpine Assault HOTH gamemode
- Edited spawnpoints, changed punish area, cars per team 6 --> 5, added objects to avoid spawnkill in bases in Fortress Frenzy and Fortress Frenzy Night HOTH maps


- Knives should now deal damage if you switch teams with the ingame command


Happy Winter for everyone!

Update Changelog:

- new client background.
- christmas theme.
- edited store prices : fireproof underpants 5 VP for one to 3 VP for one.
- new items available in the game :
Royal / National Finnish War Paint made by @Huugiguugi
Royal / National Lithuanian War Paint @januszthewizard
Royal / National Trans Rights Tshirt Royal Pyro tshirt and Royal Pyro bulletproof vest made by @Pyro
Royal Lukenstein Firewatch tshirt made by @Lukenstein
- fixed punch and gaz widgets.
- fixed icons for items : "Bix Kwondo Trousers" and "Sword and Belt"


- Added a Perilous Port HOTH gamemode (night, day and winter).


- Adjustment to long range shotguns to reduce the delay before using the weapon.
- Fixed a sound glitch on the skeleton katana.
- Fixed all broken knives for commandos (katana, machete ...) in the royal faction.
- Surreal Super Rifle and Stolen Surreal Super Rifle nerf : rounds per minute decreased from 300 to 255. Magazine size 35 to 30.
- Unrealistic Uber Rifle and Pilfered Unrealistic Uber Rifle nerf : decreased rounds per minute from 300 to 255 and magazine from 35 to 30.
- Brass-Bender's Chopper and Stolen Brass-Bender's Chopper nerf : -2 damage for this nerf.
- Plasma Forty-Five, Golden Plasma Forty-Five, Pilfered Plasma Forty-Five, Stolen Space-Night Special and Space-Night Special nerf : critical hit chance from 0.035 to 0.025, critical hit damage from 13 to 10, rounds per minute from 700 to 600.
- Royal / National Warfighter adjustment : less rounds per minute 470 to 450 and reload time from 4 to 3 seconds.
- Doom Skull, Trench Wrecker, Jack-o'-buster, Ben's Bunker Blaster buff : explosion radius decreased from 11 to 9. Explosion damage decreased from 12 to 7.
- Bruno's Blizzard and Colin's Cooler nerf : decreased -2 damage.

The Rising Hub project

Listen up soldiers! This is classified information! Rising Hub is dedicated to restoring online gameplay to our favorite Play4Free title - Battlefield Heroes. Upset by the fact the game was shutdown in mid-2015, talents from all corners of the globe teamed up to make a dream come true. With most introductory research and proof of concepts completed, the Rising Hub Team is moving at blazing speeds. Keep coming back for more soldier, because we are going to win the war! Woo-hoo!