- Added main menu background and music for summer


Fix of too fast decreasing tickets on Rail Rampage, City Clash and Kawaii Kick Night

Weapons added:

Made by Huugi - in store:
- Dragon Lore

Made by Tobyzone - in store:
- Bastians Basher   
- Tobys Tapper    

Made by Aethio - in store:
- M95 Dragon Lore   
- Stolen M95 Dragon   
- AK74 Fire Serpent  
- Pilfered AK74 Fire Serpent  
- The Super Cheeser Blaze  
- Stolen The Super Cheeser Blaze 
- M16 Howl   
- Stolen  M16 Howl  

Made by MacBasti - in store for one week, then removing for later occasions:
- Golden Super Tank Buster 
- Golden Faust's Uber Panzerfist  

Made by Risinghub - in store:
- Lethal-End Crossbow 
- Pilfered Lethal-End Crossbow
- Lethal-End Crossbow Winter
- Pilfered Lethal-End Crossbow Winter

Made by Risinghub - in store for one week, then removing for later occasions:
- Golden Lethal-End Crossbow 
- Pilfered Golden Lethal-End Crossbow

Weapon Soundfix:
- Pilfered Rudi's Ridiculous 
- Rudi's Uber Ridiculous  
- Pilfered Rudi's Uber Ridiculous 






- Added main menu background, music and items for Christmas

- Added new Kawaii Kick Night tdm version
- Reduced the wall and building damage on all Kawaii Kick versions
- Fixed the stones around the flags

Made by RisingHub:
- Added Ramming Jeep widget (in store now)
- Added Jeep Jump widget (in store now)
- Added Shoulder-Capy for Royal and National (in store now)

Made by MacBasti:
- Added Moldavian and Albanian Facepaint (in store for one week before removing for later occasions)
- Added Slava Korolyu helmet for Royals (in store)





- Added main menu background, music and items for Halloween
- Added function to set custom crosshair presets (read more at the discord faq - miscellaneous section - #17)

Update password security policy

Cyber security is everyone's business and recently some users have had their accounts taken by unauthorized users. The main reason for this was weak passwords. We have updated our security policy regarding passwords and would like to push everyone to have a second "change-your-password-day" (Feb 1st) this year. It can't be that users lose their account because others just guessing passwords.

password security policy (complexity requirements)
- minimum of ten characters in **length**
- uppercase characters (A - Z)
- lowercase characters (a - z)
- Base 10 digits (0 - 9)
- Non-alphanumeric (e.g. !, $, #, %)

We also want to remind that account security is your concern with any online service you use. It is mandatory to use a secure password to protect yourself and your data.

You can update your password at:
at Discord by typing "/resetpass" on the #bot channel



- Replaced main menu background, music and intro
- Several updates on client background
- Adjusted Golden Super Sticky TNT stats for further tests
-> criticalHitChance 0.4 (before 0.02)
  criticalHitDamage 16 (before 7)
  velocity 18 (before 16)

- Default TNT skin  
- Steam diving helmet glitch 
- Maps: 
-> City Clash: fixed issues from beta version
-> Jolly Juggernauts: fixed spawnpoints issues
-> Fortress Frenzy: fixed starting problems

Added Maps:
- Rail Rampage (released out of beta)
- New Map made by DevilJelly: Downtown Disagreement (HOTH and TDM versions)



- Added main menu background, music and items for Christmas
- Fixed not working BB-abillity on Stolen suppressed sidefeeder

Added weapons:
- Stolen Spaghin's Suchmachinegun  (added in store)
- Stolen Golden Super Typewriter  (added for later release)
- Stolen Golden Super Popper   (added for later release)
- Stolen Golden Super Cheeser   (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Rescue   (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Sharpshooter  (added for later release)
- Pilfered Golden Uber Backscratcher  (added for later release)
- Stolen Albert's Accelerator   (added in store)
- Pilfered Moritz's Magnetic Hurler  (added in store)
- Habok's S12 League Reward   (not for store available)
- Golden Super Sticky TNT    (added for tests and later release)  
-> changed stats: 
  criticalHitChance 0.02 (before 0)
  criticalHitDamage 7 (before 0)    
  reloadTime 6 (before 5)              
  velocity 16 (before 15)



- Added main menu background, music and items for Halloween



- Replaced main menu background, music and intro
- Fixes for maps Jolly Juggernauts and City Clash Beta
- Added Battlefield Heroes League items
- Added Stolen Suppressed Side Feeder for nationals
- Added Huugiguugi weapon pack
--> Golden Tokarev's Trumpet
--> Golden Harry's Super Hand Cannon
--> Golden 590 Assault Shotgun
--> Golden Gerhart's Uber Greatest
--> Golden Goddard's Goon
--> Golden 870 MCS Shotgun




- Added main menu background, music and items for Christmas




- Added main menu background, music and items for Halloween
- Added requirements for future functions and updates - testing stage



- Added missing EURO 2020 war paints (Austria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Scotland, Turkey, Wales) 
-> credits to the creator @Aethio

- Replaced Netherlands war paint to the original one
- Fixed names of some item


April showers bring forth May flowers 


- fixed client menu bug at switching tabs 
- fixed client menu bug at displaying missions 
- additional improvements at in-game friendlist 
- added country information to serverbrowser detail view 

- release of the reworked Leaderboard with more filter options 
- release of the web store 
- release of the reworked warroom / warroom rewards will be announced later 

- launcher update to support newest functions In connection with the launcher update, your virus protection may classify the files "rising.exe" and "rising.dll" as malware. These are false positive results. We are already in contact with numerous virus protection manufacturers to update the definitions accordingly.




- removed main menu background, music and items for Christmas
- performance optimizations 
- adjusted pocket widget cooldown at respawn




- Added main menu background, music and items for Christmas 
- Added the possibility of using pocket widgets (jeeps, tanks, helicopters) - testing stage




- Added main menu background, music and items for Halloween
- Fixed a bug in the in game store
- Fixed all LR shotguns to have a higher RPM and lower reload time (back in the days)
- Fixed Pilfered Faust's Panzerfist stats
- Fixed name of the National Polish Shirt


- Added a new Avatar Star map called Unknown Uplands with TDM and HOTH gamemodes (with new terrain and collisions)
- Added a HOTH gamemode on KK and TT maps
- Added a HOTH gamemode on Morning Mayhem and a TDM gamemode on Midnight Mayhem
- Fixed Perilous Port TDM tickets by default

Clothes and Weapons

Clothes made by Brian4t7 :

- National & Royal Coloured Plaid Shirts
- National Arid Military set
- National Brown Neck Tie, Brown Leather Bag, Black Bomber and Indiana Jones Jacket
- National & Royal Coloured Operator Sets (multiple colours are available !)
- National Red Kirilenko set
- National DJ Shoes
- National & Royal Estonia Heart shirt

Clothes made by HerrHanz :

- Royal Black Hat, Black Backpack
- National White Coat
- National Black Coat
- National Black and White Bunny Legs

Clothes made by HeavyMetalEggs :

- National & Royal Egg shirts

Clothes made by Huugiguugi :

- National & Royal Youtube shirts (exclusive !)

Weapons made by dragonslayer :

- Welrod Pistol (royals)
- Wingman (royals)



Changelog :

- New main menu background
- New weapons available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:
             - Suppressed Side Feeder (for royals)
             - DeLisle Silent Destroyer (for royals)
- New hats available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi :
             - TF2 Comforter (for royals)
             - TF2 Medic MTG (for royals)
             - TF2 Jungle Ops (for royals)
             - TF2 Pilotka (for royals)
             - TF2 Horace (for royals)
             - TF2 Cat (for royals)
             - TF2 Spy (for royals)
             - TF2 Duck (for royals)
             - TF2 Bare Necessities (for nationals)
             - TF2 Berliner's Bucket (for nationals)
             - TF2 Crosscom (for nationals)
             - TF2 Fortunate Son (for nationals)
             - TF2 Shark (for nationals)
             - TF2 Bee (for nationals)
- Added some tshirts made by the community :
             - Iron man set (nationals) made by @basalt
             - Black Open Trench Coat (royals) made by @Aethio
- New items and weapons made by @Huugiguugi :
             - Wooden AK-74 skin (nationals)
             - Desert Scoped M16 skin (royals)
             - SWAT Helmet (royals)
             - SWAT Vest (royals)
             - SWAT Pants (royals)
             - Pride Heart Shirt (royals)
             - Camo Sunhat (nationals)
             - Datboi Shirt (nationals)
             - Friends Shirt (nationals)
             - Pepe Pocket Shirt (nationals)
             - Pink Underpants (nationals)
             - SWAT Vest (nationals)
             - SWAT Pants (nationals)

Maps :

- All collision physics have been reworked on all avatar star maps
- Fixed spawnpoints in enemy base in JJ and KK maps
- Fixed some flying objects in JJ and KK maps


Weapons :

- Edited magazine size description of all new rifles in the store
- Fixed kar98 rifle damage
- Edited Spagin's Submachinegun stats : reduced SR max dmg 15 --> 14
- Edited all new rifles damage : SR max from 16 to 15, MR max from 19 to 17, LR min from 8 to 19 and crit chance from 8% to 9%
- All new rifles should now count for pistols missions and pistol category in the store
- Pirate pistol changes : Bullet deviation 0.4 to 0.3, crit damage 17 --> 15, velocity 450 --> 480, reduced -1 dmg max and min for all ranges
- Warfighter changes : RPM from 450 to 600, deviation from 0.2 to 0.3 and magazine size 30 to 32
- Flamethrower changes : SR max dmg 7 --> 9, MR max dmg 5 --> 6 and new range limits
- Edited snow guns to default EA stats from 1.186 patch
- Fixed anti tank rifles for royals which had less crit damage than nationals : 10 --> 15
- Fixed all stolen, pilfered and reskins of LR shotguns to have same stats




- New guns available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:

  • Sturmgewehr (for nationals)
  • Type 99 (for nationals)
  • Kar 98K (for nationals)
  • Grease Gun (for royals)
  • M1 Garand (for royals)
  • Spagin's Submachinegun (for royals)
  • Degtaryev's Dinner Plate (for royals)
  • SVT-40 (for royals)
  • Nagant's Nimble (for royals)
  • Tokarev's tactical sidearm (for royals)


- New hats available in the game made by @ProDigyIgi:

  • Japanese Elite Hat (for nationals)
  • Japanese Gi Hat (for nationals)
  • Japanese Cap Hat (for nationals)
  • Radio Headset (for nationals)
  • Soviet Cap Hat (for royals)
  • Soviet Helmet (for royals)
  • Soviet Marine Hat (for royals)
  • Soviet Tanker Hat (for royals)


- Added some tshirts made by the community:

  • Charles jacket (for royals) made by @Aethio
  • Lightning T-Shirt (for royals) made by @Aethio
  • Royal / National Lole tshirt made by @Aethio
  • Royal / National Fairfighters tshirt made by @QueensRoar 


- Fixed some clothes glitches
- New intro made by @Emotionless
- New main menu theme
- Tweaked description in bfheroes.exe
- FPS limit has been disabled by default


- VP rewards are now supported in games of up to 1000 tickets maximum on all maps
- Edited Fortress Frenzy TDM spawnpoints
- Added some objects under the bridge on PP HOTH maps and reduced the capture radius of the rocket
- All avatar star maps have a new terrain. We have added a terrain which won't deal a lot of damage to your hero.
- All avatar star maps spawnpoints have been reworked and punish areas have been added.
- Fixed a bug where you could kill other players with a blast / rocket jump on a blue house in JJ map.





- Fixed Backscratcher and Wolfgang weapons skins
- Added stolen and pilfered versions for Dark Force skins
- Added Trench Runner's Speedy Boots for nationals and Inventor's Rocket Jump for royals
- Added Light Force Super Cheeser and Light Force Red Band Cheeser for royals. Stolen versions are also available for nationals
- Fixed a store bug where you didnt see icons when buying an item or weapon
- All required items for widgets are back in the store


- Removed roadblocks on FF HOTH maps
- Spawn have been edited and objects added inside bases on LL HOTH map
- Longer respawn time for all tanks in SS and SS2 HOTH maps
- Added a rocket and moved all spawns on AA HOTH map



Happy Winter for everyone !

Update Changelog:

- Added Slavic T-Shirt made by Avonavilona
- New weapons skins made by Avonavilona:
The Dark Force Super Cheeser
The Dark Force Uber Backscratcher
The Dark Force Wolfgangs Uber Wonderful
The Dark Force Stylish Panzerfist
The Dark Force M249
The Dark Force Super Slugger
The Dark Force Bill's Buckshot
One Touch Headshot Maker
- Fixed items : Finnish and Lithuanian War Paints


- Changes made in the patch should now be applied on maps : WW, CCW and RRW
- Fixed the punish area on Perilous Port HOTH gamemodes
- Fixed Seaside Skirmish Night HOTH gamemode bug
- Edited spawns on Alpine Assault HOTH gamemode
- Edited spawnpoints, changed punish area, cars per team 6 --> 5, added objects to avoid spawnkill in bases in Fortress Frenzy and Fortress Frenzy Night HOTH maps


- Knives should now deal damage if you switch teams with the ingame command


Happy Winter for everyone!

Update Changelog:

- new client background.
- christmas theme.
- edited store prices : fireproof underpants 5 VP for one to 3 VP for one.
- new items available in the game :
Royal / National Finnish War Paint made by @Huugiguugi
Royal / National Lithuanian War Paint @januszthewizard
Royal / National Trans Rights Tshirt Royal Pyro tshirt and Royal Pyro bulletproof vest made by @Pyro
Royal Lukenstein Firewatch tshirt made by @Lukenstein
- fixed punch and gaz widgets.
- fixed icons for items : "Bix Kwondo Trousers" and "Sword and Belt"


- Added a Perilous Port HOTH gamemode (night, day and winter).


- Adjustment to long range shotguns to reduce the delay before using the weapon.
- Fixed a sound glitch on the skeleton katana.
- Fixed all broken knives for commandos (katana, machete ...) in the royal faction.
- Surreal Super Rifle and Stolen Surreal Super Rifle nerf : rounds per minute decreased from 300 to 255. Magazine size 35 to 30.
- Unrealistic Uber Rifle and Pilfered Unrealistic Uber Rifle nerf : decreased rounds per minute from 300 to 255 and magazine from 35 to 30.
- Brass-Bender's Chopper and Stolen Brass-Bender's Chopper nerf : -2 damage for this nerf.
- Plasma Forty-Five, Golden Plasma Forty-Five, Pilfered Plasma Forty-Five, Stolen Space-Night Special and Space-Night Special nerf : critical hit chance from 0.035 to 0.025, critical hit damage from 13 to 10, rounds per minute from 700 to 600.
- Royal / National Warfighter adjustment : less rounds per minute 470 to 450 and reload time from 4 to 3 seconds.
- Doom Skull, Trench Wrecker, Jack-o'-buster, Ben's Bunker Blaster buff : explosion radius decreased from 11 to 9. Explosion damage decreased from 12 to 7.
- Bruno's Blizzard and Colin's Cooler nerf : decreased -2 damage.

New launcher release!

Hello Heroes!

Today we have an update where everyone has to follow a few small instructions.

New launcher release

The old launcher is disabled!

1. Download the new RisingHub launcher at one of the the following links.!Bh5QBSgR!hq48aKp71QaIoTRf8e01uf-Aa9XjaksDPvYtBNrbPFM

2. To avoid a complete redownload of the game, create a folder called "game" at the location of the new rising.exe (launcher) and move all BFH game files from your previous version into the game folder.

added functions

- update changelog
- server browser
- ingame language change
- discord rpc with informations like status, map, kdr, players, faction, playtime
- launcher theme and colors changeable
- window size changeable
- informations about online servers / players and total hero level and playtime of the logged in account
- disable ingame HUD (F7)
- FPS counter (F8)
- disable ingame playerdoll (F9)

- speed of file checking and update
- complete new design
- improved progress bar
- improved update behaivor

Removed seasonal themed items from store (items will be added back to the store seasonal)
-> it prevents the possibilty to crash the gameclient because of an overloaded store
- Easter clothes
- Halloween clothes
- War Paints
- Football clothes
- Summer clothes

Update Halloween 2019.

Happy Halloween and happy fall for @everyone !  Update


- NEW client background menu
- Halloween theme playing during the menu/loading screens
- Removed the rocket AA gun mechanics from the game
- Inverted heli controls
- Changed daily spin rewards: less number of fireproof pants, added tonics and a new wrench prize
- Changed widgets store prices: Fireproof pants cost more VP, You can buy widgets with new purchase options: 75 and 100, removed BFunds purchase options
- You can now reload the heli magazine manually
- Added widgets again: Punch and Gazoline
- Profanity ingame chat filters are back

Map changes
- Fixed a bug in Riverside Rush snow map
- Added bizzard effects in other snow maps: Coastal Clash Winter, Riverside Rush Winter
- Removed boats from Wicked Wake map
- Edited Alpine Assault HOTH maps (normal, doomsday and snow versions)
- Fixed jeep headlights for nationals on Buccaneer Bay Winter Night map

- Adjustment to SG weapons to reduce the possibility to glitch.
- Fixed all broken knives for commandos (katana, machete ...).
- Fixed stats for stolen and pilfered versions of the pirate pistol. All settings are now referring to EA again.
- Fixed Stolen Side Feeder version with stats from the Side Feeder.
- David's DDay Rifle nerf : more time before using it 0.2 second to 0.4 second. less velocity for bullets 900 to 700. All damages changed between -3 and -5 for the nerf.
- Royal / National Warfighter nerf : less rounds per minute 600 to 470, magazine size from 36 to 30 and reload time from 3 to 4.
- Plasma Forty-Five, Golden Plasma Forty-Five, Pilfered Plasma Forty-Five, Stolen Space-Night Special and Space-Night Special buff : critical hit chance from 0.025 to 0.035, critical hit damage from 10 to 13, rounds per minute from 600 to 700.
- Unrealistic Uber Rifle and Pilfered Unrealistic Uber Rifle buff : increased rounds per minute from 225 to 300 and magazine from 30 to 35.
- Brass-Bender's Chopper and Stolen Brass-Bender's Chopper buff : +2 damage for this buff.
- Surreal Super Rifle and Stolen Surreal Super Rifle buff : rounds per minute increased from 225 to 300. Magazine size 30 to 35.
- Drake's Fire and Drake's Crimson Fire Buff : increased explosion radius, explosion force from 10 to 15 and damage from 18 to 26.
- Doom Skull, Trench Wrecker, Jack-o'-buster, Ben's Bunker Blaster buff : explosion radius increased from 9 to 11. Explosion damage increased from 7 to 12.
- Eraser Ray, Golden Eraser Ray, Pilfered Eraser Ray and Omega Beamer, Golden Omega Beamer, Pilfered Omega Beamer buff : increased critical hit damage from 8 to 10 and magazine size from 120 to 130.
- Bruno's Blizzard and Colin's Cooler buff : increased +3 damage.
- Frosty the Snowgun and The Claus Launcher buff : increased magazine size from 10 to 12 and explosion force from 10 to 13.

70.000 members in Discord!

Another epic milestone of 70K Rising Hub discord members has been reached. It was a week with a lot of creepy attacks on our gorgeous servers, but you are still with us, and therefore we can't thank you enough!.

So, a big THANK YOU to everyone!


Hot summer news heroes! 


- NEW client design 
- added NEW desert style map El Alamein + 3 novelty maps made by apachethunder 
- added NEW Night style map Traitorious Trail 
- fixed missing description for weapons in the store 
- tutorial is now working again 

- Pirate pistol nerf 
- Sonic Boom nerf 
- Micro Blaster nerf 
- Flamethrower buff 
- Machete buff 

Map balancing : 
NOTE : punish areas have been added in HOTH gamemodes to avoid spawnkill and protect players. 

- Seaside Skirmish has now a vehicle limit, a new punish area and a HOTH gamemode. 
- Seaside Skirmish Night has night version cars and a new HOTH gamemode. 
- Inland Invasion has a new punish area in the ocean side and the national base 
- Inland Invasion Night same but with night version cars 
- Sunset Showdown has now a new punish area for HOTH gamemode, with less tank spawns near rocket and bases 
- Victory Village HOTH has now a new punish area with a new rocket and more time 
- Buccaneer Bay, Buccaneer Bay Night and Buccaneer Bay Winter Night (HOTH only) have now a new punish area 
- Fortress Frenzy and Fortress Frenzy Night have now a new HOTH gamemode with 2 rockets (one in the castle and one in the village) and night version cars for the night map 
- Lunar Landing HOTH has now a new punish area, new spawnpoints in bases and no more spawns near the rocket 
- Victory Village Doom, Victory Village Night, Victory Village Snow (HOTH only) have now a new punish area, same rockets as the classic VV map and night version cars (for Doom and Night maps) 
- Alpine Assault, Alpine Assault Snow, Alpine Assault Doom have a new HOTH gamemode with a punish area, cars and one rocket in the middle of the map

60.000 members in Discord!

The next milestone of 60K Rising Hub discord members has been reached.
We have over 154K accounts and over 258K heroes created.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our project and community!

Making some news in 2019



- removed christmas theme
- new launcher version with fixes regarding game path problems, you don't need to select a folder anymore, there where you place darklauncher.exe, it will download or check the game files

Store changes:

- All the fuels/Speed-Boost/Rocket-Jump cost (5 uses : 25 VP)
- Sarge's Fun-Time Football (Unlimited uses : 200 VP)
- Festive Flare/Festive Firework (Unlimited uses : 200 VP)
- VP Boost/XP Boost (1 Day : 40 VP)

Update -- The December Update


- Changed client background, banner, and theme to Christmas

- New client intro -

New christmas- and other themed items added to the game files -

Outdated winter maps received a graphical upgrade (snow on ground, snow on roofs): Riverside Rush Winter, Buccaneer Bay Winter Night, Alpine Assault Winter.

- Added blizzard effects to Perilous Port Winter

Bug fixes

- Jeep headlights on RRN, FFN, and VVN work again and have been added to AAW and BBWN aswell (currently only royal ones work on AAW & BBWN)

- Oversized icons of some USA items are sized down

Nerf's and Buff's

- Frosty the Snowgun & The Claus Launcher have an increased rate of fire from 180 to 250 + increased blastforce from 2 to10

- Lil Boomer & Microblaster have an increased reload time from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds

- Bending bone & Arcus Root have an increased rate of fire from 60 to 85

- Unreleased sword item for the nationals has its texture fixed and a placeholder icon now

Big November Update

New website + the Daily Spin + The Store + November update

We're happy to announce our new website with a new daily reward distributor based on the Claw! Log in every day at Rising Hub and give it a spin to earn some widgets which you will desperately be needing, because let me move on to my next announcement; ontop of all this amazing news your heroes are at this moment completely naked with no guns and emotes! What would you do in such a scenario? Well, you head to the store.

That's right, soldier. The menu store is back and all priced are completely VP based. Alot of work was put into this by me also, making sure that values are kept pristine. Not only will your inventories be alot less chaotic but also will you be able to scavenge for items with your hard-earned VP, so that all your grinding wont be just for name-changes or haircuts.

Now get your obscene arse out there, Spin some wheels, spend some VP, and start lookin' fresh!

As for the update; Update -- November Update  


- Changed client background, banner, and theme back to non-Halloween
- New sounds for David's D-Day Rifle and the Screamin' Skeleton's Battle Scythe and Mutant's Bizarre Battle Club
- Added USA items
- Added in-game store, meaning your inventories will be empty from the start.
- Widgets are now quantity-based
- Added modified maps for the Moon Monday event

Bug fixes

- Improved meshrules to allow the Hell Trooper back item to be worn with hat001 helmets (and any other clothing item)
- Improved textures on Glory Hero's Fatigued Face
- Improved textures on Medic's Helmet/Medic's Veteran Helmet
- Added straps to the War Pig helmet and alternate helmet models added in May

Nerf's and Buff's

- Restored the original stats of the western revolvers, but leaving peak midrange dmg 2+
- Increased reload time on the agent RPG's from 1.8 seconds to 2 seconds

50.000 members in Discord!

Rising Hub discord has reached an outstanding 50K members!  

At this milestone, we have over 112K accounts and over 199K heroes created.
Awesome work heroes and thank you to everyone who has supported our community!

Update -- The Creepy Update

Bixxy's note: This update isn't much of an add-on update for the Halloween update released earlier this month, but rather a patch with tons of improvements, bug fixes and of course lots of new clothing. So practical it had to happen at the end of this month! Enjoy the new perks this update holds, heroes. 


- Minimized the mesh rules.
What this means:
More clothing combinations possible! Example; wear Ace's Scarf with Honor Protector's Helmet.

You are now also able to wear more facial items while wearing Sydney's Skyrocket helmet while the oxygen mask gets replaced

- Royal Multicolored bandanas can be worn by Nationals too now
- Added Werner's Wolf's Blood
- Added Heinrich's Howitzer set (Submitted by Heinrich Steiner#5724)
- Added  Diedrick's Division Trousers, Diedrick's Division Goggle Visor, Diedrick's Division Visor, and Diedrick's Division Envelope Cap (Submitted by itsTimPie#1855)
- Added other miscellanous items including cool Sprksi swag! 

- All worldcup facepaints are now layered the same; underneath beard/moustache and head hair


- Flynt's Crime Fighting Mask is now a facial item
- Correctly layered the Halloween Mask Contest 2018 masks with hair/facial hair
- Fortunate Son's face-camo no longer covers hair
- Stolen David's D-Day Rifle now has a working in-game mesh
- Neckties work properly again when wearing a jacket over them
- Improved textures on the Ghost Trooper eyes and mask
- Improved textures on Fortunate Son's Cover-up
- Changed the animation on Pilfered Satoru's Cold Steel
- Fixed the bug where sniper projectile trails appeared while firing the Cryptic Hex/Underworld Relic
- Corrected the Demon of Greed's curled-up horns (from deepblue to green)
- Corrected the glow texture on the Demon of Envy's curled-up horns (from orange to yellow)

Nerf's and Buff's

- Increased the rate of fire on the katanas from 100 to 140
- Slightly nerfed the western revolvers (while equalizing the stolens vs the original)

Upd The Halloween 2018.

Update -- The Halloween 2018 Update

Changelog Note:

- New client opening
- Halloween theme playing during the menu/loading screens
- New client background
- Added new Halloween map Estuary Encampment (Submitted by CavePanda)
- Added new Halloween weapons Screamin Skeleton's Battle Scythe & Mutant's Bizarre Battle Club
- Added new weapon David's D-Day Rifle & Stolen David's D-Day Rifle
- Halloween mask contest winners added
- Added Various new items
- Added stolen versions of the following weapons:
- Jack-o'-Lantern & Doom Skull
- Demonic Charge & Impure Energy
- Madman's Machete & Maimer's Machete (Incl. golden variants)
- Arcus Root & Bending Bone Canceled due to flawed animation

Nerf's & Buff's

- Slightly increased damage and explosion radius on the Drake's Fire and Dragon's Fire
- Increased the firerate from 100 to 140 on the knightswords (incl. stolen)
- Increased the firerate from 45 to 60 on the Halloween bows (incl. stolen)


- Frenzy Fire can now be used with Terry's Trench Sweeper & Dingpot's Dismantler

Happy Halloween, heroes!


Update is already here!

Update -- September Quicky patch update


- New client background
- Added Ghost Trooper's set
- Added miscellanous war-themed non-bundle clothing items

Nerfs & Buffs

- Increased firerate from Terry's Trench Sweeper and Dingpot's Dismantler by 100 and increased the prime range damage

Bug fixes

- Demons completely fixed!  Original colors/texture restored for all 6 skins with functioning accessories and individual wings. 

- Fixed the non-stolen repeater rifles' scopes not working
- Fixed the Pink Cap's texture

War Room is ... disabled once again!

Sorry Heroes. 
We'll try better next time!

Update - Black Market 2 patch released!


- Added new Stolen/Pilfered versions of the following weapons;
- Veterans 2012 SMG's/MG's
- Robots 2012 SMG's
- Cowboys 2012 Sixshooters
- Space 2012 Laser SMG's/MG's
- Robots 2013 LR SMG's
- Default handgrenades
- Battlerifles
- TEC-9/Micro SMG
- Default RPG's
- Stylish/Dapper RPG's
- Super/Uber RPG's
- Punk2 RPG's
- MGL's
- Civil War Repeater rifles
- Holidays 2011 Rapid-fire MG's
- Crossbow SMG's
- Autocrossbow MG's
- Panzercutters
- Anti-Tank Rifles
- Katana/Nodachi
- Knight Swords
- WW2 Shovel
- Punk2 Snipers

- Added new weapons: **Dingpot's Dismantler** for royals & **Terry's Trench Sweeper** for nationals

- Added 3 new sets:
- Fredrick's Freikorps Set
- Heinrich's Heroic Set **(Community submitted)**
- Heiko's Hypebeast Set **(Community submitted)**

- Added **33 new** non-bundle clothing items

- Dragon RPG's return but with a great nerf -- Damage and blast force are halved and the explosion effect has been made smaller so its less annoying
- Increased projectile velocity from 400 to 800 on the repeater rifles (including new stolen versions)
- Fixed the national red demon skin (hooves and wings still show as white and will be fixed soon aswell)
- Fixed the missing Stolen Golden M95
- Improved some textures on some recently added items

BFHeroes 9 year anniversary & update 6 back on track.

On this day 9 years ago, a game came to be.

A game of which we are proud to say us 35k+ players, both veterans and newcomers, are still playing to this day and will be for many years to come!
Happy birthday, Battlefield Heroes.

btw update is back on track. 

30.000 members in Discord!

Rising Hub Discord just reached an amazing 30K members! 

Thanks to everyone who has joined our community!
Regarding the game issues, we will never stop bringing this awesome game to life because we know how much fun this game is to everyone.

War Room is BACK!  

War Room is BACK, Heroes!  

It can be found here

It's time to pick a side and take action on this global conflict between the Nationals and Royals!
1. Choose your Faction!
2. Select your defending territory!
3. Select a enemy territory to attack!
4. Advance through enemy territories and capture the enemy capital 

Top 5 War Room score players will receive unique rewards! 

Update - Gopniks & Veterans patch released!


- Removed Class limits on the 2012 Veterans sets

- Added Pavlo's Poloski & Sacha's Striped sets
- Added War Pig & Fortunate Son's sets
- Added Desert Fox' Corps set

- New client background
- Stolen/Pilfered versions of radiopacks
- Added a bunch of new variants of helmets for the Royals and Nationals
- Fixed the Stolen pirate pistols (would disappear ingame)
- Fixed Golden Stefan's Sharpshooter (previously missing)
- The original BFH-logo shirts now show the original logo again
- You can now wear faceitems/facepaints with the royal demonskins
- Commandos can now use the Panzercutter/blowtorch
- Improved strap texture on the Desert Fox' Corps Helmet
- Improved textures on Bear's Backpack
- Improved textures on Trench Runner's gloves

And this is not only update for today!

Lets make some news in 2018! Whats new in update:

Rising Hub Update Changelog

● Added the new map Oceanfront Onslaught to the game and will now be playable on public servers
● Added new sets Diedrick's Division set and Vincent's Viperous set along with some other items
● New client intro
● New Spring-themed client background
● New textures for Golden Cheeser, Golden Backscratcher, Golden Rudolf's Rescue and Golden Typewriter
● Added Anniversary Cake widget
● Added Festive Eggs widgets to the store's widget section (Purchasable with Hero Points)
● Added Chair Smack widget to the store's widget section (Buffed)
● Added new Rising Hub logo t-shirts along with some other experimental new items
● Added a new green screen map for cool cinematics (Only accessible through map-tester)
● Modified Netherlands face paints
● New in-game billboard messages
● Removed Punch widgets
● Removed ability to use Frenzy Fire with the Laser MG's

-Balancement changes:

● Faust's Panzercutter & Bernhart's Blowlamp:
Fixed effect radius, increased damage and now usable with burning bullets (Requires you to equip an SMG)

● Lucky Sprayer & Side Feeder:
Increased damage at medium range and slightly increased critical hit chance

● Max' Magnified MG and Dylan's Destructive Duplex:
Damage buff, deviation buff, increased ammo capacity but now comes with a powerful recoil

● Arcus Root and Bending Bone:
Increased projectile velocity from 200 to 300

● Gunther's Grief and Perry's Pea Shooter: (Stolen/Pilfered & Super/Uber versions included)
Damage reduction, ammo capacity lowered, reload time increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds and added recoil

● All swords/machetes & shovel:
Increased fire rate as a buff

-Bug fixes:

● Fixed overlapping/white skin clothing glitches for the following items:
All harnesses (Barbarian, Anubis servant, Indians and Royal Alien)
Road Ranger's Specs and Scar
Dr. Doktor's mask and Bionic set
Hispanic Fighter muscles
National Biker Fat and Vest combo

● Previously mentioned skin details can now be worn separately as body items
● Abilities (BB, FF, PS) can now be used on the recently added Stolen/Pilfered Tier 1 weapon versions
● Vampire face now turns all body skin to white (Allowing to wear t-shirts and tattoos over it)
● Fixed Blue/Green Royal Demon skins (Nationals Demon skins will be fixed in a later patch)
● Fixed Mutant/Vampire and Alien skins (Skin layer no longer overlaps clothing)
● Fixed a bug where Frosty the Snowgun Royal RPG wouldn't load in-game
● Fixed the missing Steel Helmet for Nationals
● Fixed the bug where you could fire the bows without scoping

Cheers everyone!

Christmas Update

Merry Christmas Heroes!
Another week full of work for our Team, we hope you enjoy our new update!
May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, love and BFH


Introducing Weihnacht Warzone, an infantry map to test the waters of producing ENTIRELY NEW Battlefield Heroes maps.

It's small and has no vehicles and hasn't been tested for balance yet, but @bixrus did his best designing it to prevent spawncamping and regardless it's a huge step forward for us.
We hope you enjoy the flurry frenzy and if not, be sure to voice your opinion in the #suggestions channel.

Enjoy the new 300% XP Boost event until January 1st, 2018!


- Added Lunar Landing TDM game mode with flags! Conquer the Crash Land, Rock Path or the Communication Zone.
- Added Lunar Landing HotH game mode. Two rockets, capture The Pit and Communication Zone rockets!

- New HotH for Heroic Highlands, featuring two new rockets, one in the Middle Island and another in The Bridge. Also some new vehicle spawning, making it more diverse and fun than ever!


- Balancement changes for Heroic Highlands TDM (again) and HotH, added 1 tank to each team base, and 1 jeep to South and North Point. (As suggested by @megaLOL)
- Balancement changes for Seaside Skirmish, increased tank respawn time to 60 seconds in Lighthouse and Village. (As suggested by @bixrus)
- Balancement changes to Bows, projectile velocity increased from 170 to 200.

- Added Demonic Charge and Impure Energy shotguns to Royal and National Gunners.
- Added Nikolaus' Surprise widget to Nationals.
- Added Bruce's Brutal Blade widget to Royals.
- Added Punch widget to both teams.
- Added a statement when starting the game indicating the following: 
We are not affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc, EAsy Studios or DICE Studios. All rights belong to their owners.

- Fixed Cryptic Hex.
- Fixed Inland Invasion and Inland Invasion Night team bases, now HQ is uncapable.
- Fixed sensitivity for repeaters, railguns and bonebows.
- Fixed unscoped movement of Elektro Slinger.
- Fixed Heroic Moments for HotH.
- Fixed small bugs related to Coastal Clash Winter, Coastal Clash Doomsday and Alpine Assault Doomsday.
- Fixed Epic Medals for Royals.

- Removed broken widgets.
- Removed Royal and National Anti-Air RPG due to a game breaking bug.
- Removed Royal and National Gunners swarm weapons due to not being fixable.

The RisingHub Team.

Game client

- Added two new HotH maps, Riverside Rush and Heroic Highlands HotH.
- Added all weapons again. (We will make a poll for certain weapons later)
- Added unreleased emote for Royals and Nationals.
- Added snow roofs to Perilous Port Winter.

- Fixed some small issues for HotH on Buccaneer Bay, Coastal Clash, Midnight Mayhem and Victory Village.
- Fixed repeater rifles, railgun rifles and bows for commando and soldier.
- Fixed the damage of swords, machetes and shovel.
- Fixed crosshair of Royal and National Warfighter.
- Fixed object lighting and shadows on Heroic Highlands.
- Fixed Victory Village Winter church roof shadow glitch.
- Fixed Buccaneer Bay loading name.
- Fixed Battlefunds icon in the client. (We're not going to add BF)
- Fixed game client frame.

- Modified menu navigation banner.
- Modified Royal Epic Decoration medals to not appear halfway in the soldier's armpit.

- Balancement changes to Heroic Highlands, replaced tanks with helicopters.
- Balancement changes to Buccaneer Bay, now has a helicopter on Royal and National base.

- Updated some strings when matchmaking, now the client will tell you what to do when you fail matchmaking.
- Updated some strings for game disconnections.
- Updated server banner.
- Updated billboard.
- Updated client AD.

- Removed Drake Fire from Nationals and Royals.
- Removed all level restrictions from clothes.
- Removed dark skin overlay from balaclavas, now shows normal skin tone.
- Removed broken emotes.
- Removed FPS lock.

HUB website updates!

Hello, Heroes!

At this moment we are working to make our website more useful by adding new features and useful solutions to provide better gameplay for you:
- now we have voting. please vote to make game better and more balanced;
- FAQ and Tips sections in progress! Read solutions how not to stuck in server searching;

Also we have few known ingame issues and working to fix it:
- not all HOTH maps have fixed timer;
- Drake's fire texture is not showing in a game.

If you found more ingame bugs or want to change something, post your comment in discord #suggestions channel.


Long maintenance!

Prepare to huge update, Heroes!

Ability refund already working, check your hero profiles!
And now +30 Ability Points rage are coming to end.

All abilities for everyone will return to its default numbers. But it takes time!

Due this, tomorrow December 5 master server and new registrations will be temporary disabled for a maintenance period.
It may take up to 10 hrs.

We will do our best to make it fast and clear!
Stay in touch, Heroes. Check out discord for current sitrep and quick updates.

* - New registrations are still available. You may register and link new user accounts and create heroes due maintenance.

New website!

Great news - new web is almost finished and is avaible for everyone. This site will soon have redirect to new one.

New features:

- new design
- site security improvements
- email is no more needed for registration (auth use login same as launcher now)
- leaderboard with elo, score, prestige and etc sorting
- discord linking (one day unlinked accounts will be restricted from matchmaking)
- discord bot (currently the only one way to reset pass if you forgot it)
- detailed hero stats (you can open it from leaderboad or your hero list)

More features like ability refund will be released as soon as we will finish backend testing. So stand by for next updates, soldiers!

Nickname changes.

In this update:

- dots, question marks, slashes are not avaible in nicknames anymore
- all heroes with question marks in names were renamed "?"->"RN"
- heroes with names "." and ".." were renamed to "dot" and "dotdot"

This little update is made to get rid of bugs in user profiles and new leaderboard. If your account was renamed and you want to change hero name to something else - write to @DarkVenom.

New version of site will be released soon.

Client released. More updates tonight!

In this update:

- minor design touches;
- commando RMB inivisible bug fixed;

CU on Battlefield!

DarkLauncher released.

In this update:
- bugged rpg removed,
- better user menu.

We expecting ~1hour of maintenance to update servers.
Come back soon, Heroes!


Server picker added.

Now you may choose what server you want to join, Heroes.
Check out "Servers" section and use it!

Tnx to DarkVenom and MHx489.
Good job, guys!

Rodina ne zabudet!!!

Rebel alliance SITREP.

You may play. period.

Server Maintenance

Some downtime for updates!
We'll be back soon, Heroes!

Not vodka but kumis!

Rising Hub expanding to the East.
Added new server in Astana (Kazakhstan) for players from Asia and central Russia!

Prepare for even more updates, Heroes!

List of Servers!

Check out site menu! ;)
Now you can monitor list of game servers currently runing.

Region selection isnt working yet but we will figure it out soon!
And of course this option will be applied to all regional servers.

Stay in touch for more great updates, Heroes!

Launcher released! Game servers are up!

The new launcher already updating! It demands some server downtime!
Thank for your patience, Heroes!

We'll be back online very soon!

Update your launcher and join a battle, Heroes!
Login/Register to download


New Launcher released. Old one is DISABLED!

Good news, Heroes! 
New launcher has released. 

New features:
- secure login (previous launcher was vulnerable).
- auto updater (its awesome. now we can upgrade game whatever we want)
- Windows XP support (with some bug for now but it works).


Developer of this launcher is DarkVenom.
Don't forget DM thanks to him! 

Have fun. CU on battlefield!
Sincerely yours, DraksTOP



Restored Database.

Due maintenance, user db was restored and about 300 new user accounts added in last 24 hrs was removed also as newly created heroes. If you new here and can't login you may just re-register you account and continue to play. Sorry, guys. Peace! :)

How to download and play.

How to play Rising Hub:

0. First, join us on Discord

1. Create an account on:
(If you already have an account on Rising Hub or, you can just login)

2. Create Heroes (maximum of 6):

Some more information on the options:
There are 2 factions:

    Royal/National Army is to choose which side you’re on. Royal Army are “the good guys” with      nicely designed weapons (M16, Tommygun, etc.).
    National Army are “the bad guys” with kind of homemade style weapons (AK47, etc.).

You can choose between 3 classes:

    Commando: A stealthy hero with lower range health (sniper)
    Soldier: A teamplaying hero, can give health to other players, midrange health and uses assault rifles, SMG’s
    Gunner: Pretty much a tank, high range health, uses LMG’s.

●●●Link your Discord:●●●

3. Download the game launcher:

4. Create a folder for BFH on your desktop and place "DarkLauncher.exe" in that folder

5. Run the launcher and select the folder you placed "DarkLauncher.exe" in

6. Login with your username and password
(Leave "server id" as it is)

7. Select a server on:
(If you don't select a server, you may get stuck in an infinite loop of matchmaking)

8. Press "Play Now" in-game!

Welcome to BFH game server!

Register now, download game and play Battlefield Heroes online for free! Create up to 6 heroes!